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Club March 7, 2024 (8:00 PM)

Kladno's Zrní are trackers of new approaches. They move in the space between alternative and pop culture. The poetics in their lyrics, the work with electronics and the composer/producer approach, in which they fuse genres and have absolute freedom, are unmistakable. Their music is a black hole that will swallow anything: from Glass minimalism to weird disco, folk songwriting to psychedelic vertigo.

There aren't many bands that surprise as much as Zrní. They manage to turn the intimacy of their records into a huge energy at their concerts. They can be wild and subtle, dreamy and straightforward. All this makes Zrní one of the most interesting and mature bands on the Czech music scene.

Zrní have been playing together unchanged since 2001. They have 7 albums under their belt, for which they have been nominated several times for band of the year in the Anděl music awards. In 2012 they won the statuette in the category of discovery of the year.


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