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Club September 28, 2022 (8:00 PM)

The band's name Longital is an old name of the hill above the Danube river in Bratislava Slovakia (currently known as Dlhé Diely), where the founding members Shina and Daniel reside and from where they have travelled all over the world. Since 2001 (for the first five years also under name Dlhé Diely ), Longital have been crossing borders both territorially and musically. Longital's path on the international scene is quite unique and relates to the creative process itself. The band achieves eclectic sound by strictly avoiding narrowly defined genres, but still echoing them in band's own creative way. Aligned with the background of the band members, their inspiration ranges from classical, through jazz and experimental music to songwriting and poetry. All of this is tastefully mixed to serve the main goal: building and delivering the songs and their message to listener's soul and body. The lyrics of love, freedom and nature are a piece of poetry written and sung exclusively in Slovak language. This distinction has strongly influenced the rhythm and melody of Longital's music, and paved the band's way to a number of international stages and festivals.

Longital's shows prove that music is a universal language and their songs have the power to break the barriers of languages and cultures; reaching the hearts and move the listeners. Longital has toured 12 countries in Europe, Canada and USA, received two invitations to SXSW festival Austin and to Canadian Music Week Toronto . Selected performances at European festivals include The Big Chill (UK), Pohoda (SK), Sziget (HU), Exit (SR), Colours (CZ), MaMA (FR), Europavox (FR), Gena (CH) and many more ... 

The band has released 12 albums on label Slnko Records (, the band's own label which goes along the story of the band itself: over the years from the modest start in 2001 it has gained the satus of the foremost indie label in Slovakia.  album Divoko/Wildely was nominated for the Radio Head Award 2016. Longital has received numerous nominations and awards, including Radio Head Award (various nominations) and won the respected Main Award for Music by Tatrabanka Foundation.

Besides making records and touring, Longital’s cinematic style is featured in independent movies and contemporary theatre plays in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

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