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Club December 7, 2023 (8:00 PM)

Letní kapela ("The Summer Band") is a project of the acclaimed musician and artist Jaromír 99, who in 2019 followed up his successful work in the bands Priessnitz, Umakart and Kafka Band. It was formed spontaneously in the heart of the Rychlebské hory Mountains when musicians Jaromír Švejdík, Lukáš Morávek and Apostolos Joanidis gathered with guitars by the fire and played songs that Jaromír wrote together with his friends during his rich musical career. However, the band gradually adds its own original songs. The band was gradually supplemented by other musicians connected with the region of Jeseníky and Rychleby Mountains. Zdeněk Jurčík, a long-time drummer of Priessnitz, is behind the drums, Vojtěch Šeliga provides keyboard sounds and Petr Weiser plays bass guitar. The new musical group quickly found its distinctive sound, which, together with Jaromír's unique expression, contributed to a generous reception by the audience.

Initially, the Letní kapela concentrated on the interpretation of Jaromír's earlier works, but during the covid pandemic they focused on their own songs. Their debut album was recorded in early 2022 at SONO Records under the guidance of producer Dušan Neuwerth and released in May of that year on the Indies Scope label. Probably Jaromír's most personal album was a great success with both listeners and critics. The group managed to establish itself on the Czech club and festival scene. Listeners appreciate especially the band's distinctive and straightforward sound and the overall atmosphere of the songs, which is meant to evoke the life and nature of the Jeseníky and Rychlebské hory mountains, with which the musicians are connected.

"The untitled debut album is described by Jaromir 99 as pop with elements of country, blues or folk. But let's take it with a grain of salt, the Letní kapela plays pure, transparent music with many points of contact with Priessnitz, Umakart, The Bombers and other bands Švejdík was in. The basis is his typical poetics in the lyrics, strong stories from the mountains, dusty train stations, small-town apartment buildings."

In the summer of 2023 the band recorded together with Václav Neckář the single Snílek for his 80th birthday, which was also produced by Dušan Neuwerth and released under Supraphon. Jaromír thus continued his long-lasting collaboration with Neckář, whose recent successful comeback he helped as a composer.

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